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Full Service Caterers vs Restaurants That Cater

Full service caterers vs restaurants that cater seems to be one of the top questions people have when choosing  a caterer now days. With so many restaurants advertising, “WE NOW CATER” we can see why it can get a little confusing! Truthfully, there are many restaurants that do a fantastic job at catering events. Please know this post is not to bash restaurants that cater, by any means. Our intentions are simply to show the similarities and differences so you can make a fully informed decision. It’s just like anything else – before you choose, do a little research and ask questions to make sure you really know what you’re getting for your money. The definition of “cater” can be different depending on who you hire.

buffet line

Beautiful Buffet

Changing Environments

Full service caterers are used to adapting to different environments because their work place is always changing. Setting up kitchens and working out of garages, open fields, warehouses or beautiful wedding venues is just a typical day.  Being exposed to extreme heat, cold, wind and sideways rain is just another work day obstacle. Because of these things, full service caterers are very good at being prepared and making split minute decisions to adapt quickly. Continue reading