Serving It Up!

Christy Whitehead 2010 002Service, as we all know, can make or break any dining experience. You can splurge on the most extravagant dinner at the best restaurant in town, but if the service is not up to par, you’re more than likely walking away with a bad taste in your mouth.  Same holds true in the catering industry.

All of us a d’Vine cuisine, inc.  take great pride in the fact they we are not only known for creative and delicious food, but also our impeccable service! (Toot. Tooooottt.) How do we pull that off, you ask? Well,  there are several different factors that help with our success, but it all stems from proper staffing, great team work and a plan!

First off, we do not compromise when it comes to the amount of servers needed per guest.  Different caterers work with slightly different numbers, but we’ve got a formula that works best for our team.  We staff 1 server per 15 guests for a plated meal and 1 server per 20 guests for buffet, each knowing their specific role.  Included in that number is a supervisor or team leader, not only there to serve, but also to lead and direct the staff throughout the entire event.  Also, if unnamed-14we think we need additional staff for any special circumstance, without hesitation, we add more!

Having the proper ratio of servers per guest is super important at any event, but especially a wedding. Not only will your food service run smoothly, but so will the entire night’s timing. Everything at your wedding runs by a time line and every vendor relies heavily on that plan. Just as the photographer needs the proper amount of time to take beautiful pictures and the DJ needs to know when to announce the first dance, the caterer needs to run on time to ensure the food is hot and fresh and the guests are served as quickly as possible.  (Full guests = happy guests…and host!) Plus, food safety is always a concern for caterers. Food needs to be kept at the proper temperatures for the proper amount of time for optimal quality and safety. Have you ever had rubber chicken at a wedding? Yeah, that’s because the chicken was kept warm for too long and it actually overcooked

And let’s not forget about the mess! If there’s not enough staff, your tables won’t get cleared properly.  You may think this is a silly little detail, but tables full of dirty dishes and beer bottles is less than a pretty sight, not to mention, a possible disaster waiting to happen. Glasses will get knocked over and untimely disruptions WILL occur! Yay, it’s cake time! But sadly, there’s not an empty space on your table seating 10  to put your plate!

If you want your event to run smoothly, don’t cheap out on the servers. Please don’t think you can get away with hiring even one less than your caterer suggests in attempt to cut corners. That will disrupt their perfectly calculated formula. Remember, caterers do this everyday. They have their team built, their plan set and know how to work the room accordingly.  Proper staffing and good team work, along with a strong plan will guarantee a successful event – at least when it comes to your caterer!

Happy Wedding Planning!