Popular Wedding Food Trends Of 2017


Happy New Year! And with the new year comes new and exciting wedding food trends!! Of course, some 2016 trends are happily sticking around, like food trucks and mini everything. But there are a few new trends in 2017 that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Custom. Custom. Custom.  We can’t say it enough. Create menus that tell YOUR story. Where are you from? Where did you and your partner meet? What foods do you like to share? All very important questions that will help make your wedding day that much more…YOU!  Telling your story is what the day is all about!  Are you from the south? Think local shrimp and grits!  Was your first date to the carnival? Serve a few fun twists on your favorite carnival treats! Do you love pizza but your partner has a deep passion for burritos? Have them both! Offer mini pizza egg rolls and deconstructed burritos cups at cocktail hour. There are fun and creative ways to serve everything and anything you want!

Still on trend are family style meal service and passed small bites, but consider other options to encourage the crowd to mingle.  Action stations will get your guests involved and engaged.  Try guacamole being made right before your eyes! Serve it up in individual glasses garnished with tortilla chips for a fun touch to cocktail hour. Pair that with a mini margarita and your guests will be saying, “muchas gracias”! Wine and cheese always pair well, but how about a Bruschetta Bar paired with a nice Pinot Grigio or sushi being rolled to order served with warm Sake? All interactive options that will get the party started!

WeddingWire’s 2017 Trend Guide reports a couple exciting648 new food trends. Breakfast will be a very popular choice for 2017. Midday weddings are usually less expensive and breakfasts foods are always delicious, no matter what time of day! Everything from mini omelet action stations and waffle bars to doughnuts and late night breakfast sandwiches to-go.

Unexpected food combinations, in both your main menu and dessert options are definitely on point. These “Odd Couple” choices (as I like to call them) include Feta and Watermelon bites, Pickle and Whisky bars and Peanut Butter and Curry Ice Cream – all surprisingly amazing! Of course, traditional comfort foods are still right up there on the list. You can never go wrong with anything ooey, gooey or fried!

Signature cocktails are practically a must-have at every wedding, but according to the Bridal Guide, the trend seems to be headed back to the old school classics and away from the cutesy, personalized names. Moscow Mules, Pimm’s Car and Old Fashions are sure to wet the whistle well.  Serve with old school canapés and deviled eggs for a real retro feel.

Another Bridal Guide projection is that tall, tiered wedding cakes are making a comeback (did they ever really leave?) but with unique flavor and filling options per tier. Mini desserts and doughnut walls are delightfully showing up everywhere, but try passing the desserts “cocktail hour style” for a fun twist instead of having a stand alone dessert table.

Bottom line for 2017 is this…custom is key. It’s your wedding. It’s your taste. It’s your story. There’s really no right or wrong. The day should reflect YOU. So mix it up! Serve what makes you feel good!